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Our Mission, Vision & Core Values


Company Wide Quality Control (CWQC)
All staff in Sints participates in the establishment, implementation, and maintenance of ISO 9001 certification system. And work in quality monitoring of the whole production process, then improve the awareness of quality in Sints.


Working with system:
All staff in Sints must follow all of the regulations in ISO 9001, with obstacle-free communicating, then to boost production efficiency.


Constant improvement:
Working with circular management model (Plan→Do→Check→Action), keep the exception to the lowest level, to improve production management, quality management, then reduce exception cost.


Customer Satisfaction:


All staff in Sints is involved in quality management and procedure of quality controlling, constantly enhance the quality and service, to meet, even 

surpass the expectation of customers and to expand a larger market.


Quality Policy
1, Zero defection. Finshing well at the first time.
2, Keeping improvement, never stopping pursuing perfection.
3, Effectively reducing cost to increase the competition.


Quality Goal
1, Qualification rate: 98%
2, Semi-finished products qualification rate:99%
3, Cost of faulure rate:<2%

Quality Policy

Persist in Quality Control, Satisfy Customer Demands

Our Core Value 
Core Value of SinoGuide

Our Mission 
Mission of SinoGuide

Global Marketing

Our sales and applications engineering personnel assist with each step of the customer’s requirements, from product selection, design in, samples, production and inventory. We have no minimum order quantity, maintain worldwide inventories at our facilities and at our distributors. We commit to prompt response to all inquiries – within 24 hours !

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